Hello Friends,

This was a hard fought campaign, supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers who donated their time and energy, my staff, friends, and wonderful family.

From day one, we have worked to bring a new set of values and priorities to Washington. It’s time that Washington gets back to the real work of governing on behalf of Americans. Elected officials are not there to waste taxpayer’s money and accomplish nothing but gridlock. No party has a monopoly on good ideas, so we need to work across the aisle, have an informed debate, and pass commonsense legislation that gets this country going again.

The families of this district should be the priority, not profits or political points. Our families need affordable health care, good jobs, thriving communities, and the ability to give their children a better future. These are basic things that we should all be able to support; they should not be used by party leadership as a political football.

I have urged Mr. Kelly to listen to the message that the results of the election have sent. There is a large portion of this district that does not feel adequately represented. In the future, I encourage him to spend more time in the district, listening to people’s concerns and ideas. No one person has all the answers, but together, we can solve anything.

Thank you again for your support.